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Nightforce Riflescopes

If you’ve never heard of NightForce Riflescopes, you must have been in a blind for a number of years! NightForce has built a reputation over the last years as the standard by which other riflescopes are measured. NightForce has leaped to the fore as the leader in precision riflescopes. NightForce riflescopes are the overwhelming choice among law enforcement and military shooters. They have two main lines of rifle scopes, and they are the NightForce NXS line, and the NightForce Benchrest models.

Nightforce Riflescopes

The NightForce Extreme Series (NXS) of rifle scopes is an impressive collection of rifle scopes that have garnered rock-star attention from demanding shooters. These riflescopes are built to the highest in precision standards and have now become the benchmark for durability, optics, and a repeat performance in a riflescope. They undergo rigorous testing each, always come out on the other side as accurate and dependable as ever. NightForce Riflescopes have also notched more long-range shooting records than any other scope.

Nightforce Riflescopes Reviews

All NightForce riflescopes are fashioned from a single piece of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. NightForce NXS scopes are tested by sinking them to a level of 66 feet of water, frozen at -80 degrees, and baked to 250 degrees, and came back unfazed. They also recoil and impact test the scopes at more than 1200 G’s for both positive and negative forces. One guy decided to conduct his own”scientific” examination of a NightForce scope and use it to drive several nails into a 2X4 to see if even that would mess with it, but aside from slightly nicking the finish, there was no change in the scope whatsoever. No wonder NightForce scopes are known the world over for durability in harsh or extreme shooting conditions.

These days many companies are cutting back by buying thinner and lighter parts, the NightForce NXS bodies are more than twice as thick than nearly any other scope out there. This gives it an outstanding thermal performance, helping it to render a consistent zero and prevent degradation of its internal components, improving its tracking and repeatability. NXS scopes are nitrogen purged and hermetically sealed to three atmospheres, thus ensuring reliability under any conditions you might imagine.

NightForce also offers a benchrest model for varmint and benchrest shooters. The NightForce Benchrest models carry the same outstanding standards as the NightForce NXS series, with the scopes as clear and bright as the NXS scopes, but without a side focus.

NightForce Precision Optics features the world’s finest riflescopes, riflescope accessories, & ballistic software. The philosophy of NightForce is highly specialized and focused on building the ultimate instrument for the application. All NightForce NXS Scopes share exceptional features, making them the finest riflescopes ever manufactured. Do a comparison of any other rifle scope to a NightForce Riflescope and you will see and feel the differences right away!

Final Verdict

All of the NightForce riflescopes are assembled in Idaho and are all 100% inspected and certified, undergoing rigorous tests before shipping. All cheap tactical scopes come with an ironclad lifetime warranty. If it is your aim to come up with the best rifle scope you’ve ever used, then you’ll to check out the complete line of NightForce riflescopes. You’ll be glad you did!

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